Medical Case Management
Our nurse case managers will actively
participate with each client to identify
and facilitate options and services for
meeting the claimants' health needs. Our
goal is to decrease fragmentation or
duplication of care; and to deliver
enhanced quality and cost-effective

Nurse case managers bring a rich
tradition of providing and coordinating
comprehensive care to the client, family,
and community.  Our nurse case
managers continue this tradition with an
increased focus to provide quality,
cost-effective care.

The professional nurses at BCS are
uniquely prepared to be case managers
by virtue of their broad-based education

  • Field Case Management

  • Catastrophic Case Management

  • Telephonic Case Management

  • Task Assignments

  • Medical File Review

in life, social, and nursing sciences;
and their orientation towards holistic
health and its promotion.

Our nurse case managers continually
evaluate each injured worker's health
plan to overcome obstacles that affect
outcomes. Such obstacles may require
the nurse case manager to reassess
and suggest a revised plan of care.

Interaction is essential to successful
case management. It is inherent in all
phases of the nursing case
management process and involves
effective communication, collaboration,
assertiveness, and cooperation.
A Nurse Case Manager may act in the
role of:

• Advocate           •Negotiator

•Facilitator           •Evaluator

•Provider             •Communicator

•Liaison               •Risk manager

•Coordinator        •Mentor

•Collaborator       •Consultant

•Educator            •Researcher
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