Medical Case Management
Our BCS team focuses on delivering
personalized services to our clients.

All our bi-lingual, bi-cultural Registered
Nurses/Case Managers are seasoned
professionals in the industry.

Providing case management service without
the need of an interpreter has helped us
avoid costly miscommunications and
misunderstandings with the injured worker.
Our Nurse Case Managers are able to build
a strong rapport with the injured worker,
since there is no language barrier. Case
management based on understanding and
trust, has been the key to our success.

We are committed to the delivery of timely
medical information because we understand
its crucial role to the job of all involved

Our mission is to continue emphasizing
customer service, as we strive to reduce
costs, prevent injuries, and promote quality,
cost-effective outcomes.
The Case Management Society of America
defines case management as:
"a collaborative process of assessment, planning,
facilitation and advocacy for options and
services to meet an individual's health needs
through communication and available resources
to promote quality cost-effective outcomes.”*

* Case Management Society of America.
"Definition of Case Management".
BCS (Bilingual Care Solutions, Inc.) was founded by our CEO
and President, Margarita De La Cruz, RN, DSD, OHN, MCM.

The company began with a passion to understand, facilitate, and promote
quality workers’ compensation services to those affected by work place
injuries and Illnesses.  Since then, the BCS Team has
grown into a
corporation that pro-actively, intelligently and effectively coordinates the care of injured workers.
As a team we have helped save millions of workers’ compensation dollars. Our goal is to improve the quality of care and lower costs by actively
coordinating the medical care of the injured worker.

Our official name is Bilingual Care Solutions Inc., but most of our clients know us simply as BCS.  We like to keep our reports and our name simple and easy to use.  
Bilingual Care Solutions, Inc | PO Box 2047 | Corona, CA | Tel (951) 343-4100
Bilingual Care Solutions,Inc